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Our award winning armchair produced by ROSCONI.

In developing the chair, our aim was to come up with a light, robust, eco-friendly but still attractive lounge furniture piece. The outcome, “Baron”, is a lounge armchair made of steel, polypropylene and – air! In addition to the properties above, “Baron” is also easy to care for, can be stacked compactly, is simple to transport and can be configured for a range of personalized designs. "Baron" was awarded with German Design Award Special Mention 2016.

Baron on his first public performance in 2014 on Orgatech Cologne in white and cowhide at the booth of rosconi / braun lockenhaus.

After Colognes "Passagen" in 2013 and our exhibition + lounge concept in there, we wanted to develop our idea further, to make furniture out of cargo bags.

The feedback for our furniture made from cargo bags, EU pallets and belts was so good that we started to think about of how getting this concept to the next level.

A few sketches later we decided that we should build this special furniture rather in the workshop than on paper and computer. 

A bit more than a week, many test forms and bends later our first prototype was ready and functioning.

Selfmade prototype.

tv interview

mass production

With a first customer in the back we decided to produce the first 100 Barons by ourself. 

After a short period of promoting our new product we have been spotted by the company ROSCONI. A likeable meeting later we decided to continue with "rosconi" as our producer and distributor. 
We didn't had to think twice after our ideas and imaginations of "Barons" future had been so close together.
We started right away to make the product ready for its first furniture fair, which was going to be in two month.

Not just the frame got improved but also the variety of Barons character became much wider with special developed textile coatings.




Produced by ROSCONI

Get your Baron!

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