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Restaurant design

Herbal House

Turning a colonial house into a restaurant with traditional & tropical vibes.

As already guessed from the name, the concept around this restaurant is building itself around herbals. During the start of the COVID19 pandemic the owner of this house decided to create a multi layered benefit for people by turning this house into a space selling herbals. 

Better health for people with the matching herbals for their own garden  and therefore help local farmers to have a stable income during the pandemic which made many people leave the city, was the starting point for this place.

Quickly this concept became successful and the space decided to widen its offer from herbal plants to local and international food cooked with special recipes using those herbals, creating well known dishes with unique flavors on top.  

Appreciating the colonial heritage of the house, in our briefing we were told that we should design an interior which accentuates the heritage and even bring back some lost elements back but also to look like "a colonial house which got taken over by a local ethnic sundanese which is giving her own ethnic touch and decoration to it". 

Talking about the ethnic crafts and ornaments of sundanese culture (West Java) rattan can't be missing.

While in the old times wood furniture and crafts were more common in Central Java, Rattan, Bamboo and woven objects were very common in West Java and are to this very day.



The guests are welcomed by two peacock chairs with ceramic flower stands on the side inviting as s selfie spot  which is mandatory for newly opened restaurants in the archipelago.

This arrangement is followed by an area with displays made from wood carved boxes with stands on top for selling local crafts and artisan products.

Further on you find the seating area with a mixture from green tones, herbal illustrations on the wall, rattan chairs and tropical wallpaper with brass lamps giving the extra tropical touch next to the ethnic decorations and art collections.

Video Interior Tour.
Top 1.jpg
Top 2.jpg

The colonial house from outside.


Video Backyard Tour.

The backyard of the colonial house becomes a tropical oase in the heart of the cities north quarter. Recycled dutch cement tiles with seating islands from lava stone are forming the layout. Solid wood tables, woven outdoor furniture mixed with traditional umbrellas in a beige, yellow and red color concept are setting the counter decoration next to tropical plants and the herbal displays which are now integrated in the whole concept. The crafts of West Java represented by weaving and traditional umbrellas. 

A pavillion with wood carving, climbing plants and wood furniture with woven details form the area next to the outdoor counter.

The smoking area features a traditional wooden house with a counter for traditional herbal drinks and a change of furniture from woven into wood barks and rustic metal furniture.

Ethnic brass ornaments giving the existing natural stone walls a highlight.

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