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Exhibition design
The Beatles

Immersive design as addition to the show cases from "Fab Four Ever" of the legendary "Circus Roncalli" with storytelling exhibition design to make a difference.

Every winter, when „Silver Star“, the biggest roller coaster in Europa-Park is closed, the big entrance hall which is usually showcasing highlights from Mercedes Benz, is hosting a different exhibition during every winter opening.

When we were asked to make the design for a winter exhibition the park decided in corporation with germanys famous "Circus Roncalli“ to show a Beatles exhibition with real Beatles display items in the property of "Roncalli".

Based on these items and show cases we wanted to create an immersive exhibition with a story line in an easy and modular way, which was based on the floor plan of the space in Europa Park, but would be able to be placed in other places as well.

Rather than just having an arrangement of random exhibits we created a story line matching the items from the Roncalli collection. Starting where The Beatles have started their career - In Hamburgs legendary „Star Club“. 

Entering the exhibition through the backstage entrance of the club the visitors are stepping into a changing room in brick wall atmosphere with the exhibits of the Beatles costumes, hair styles and other items matching to the preparing of a concert. 

After the backstage area the visitor enters the „Star Club“ with a stage and original Instruments which have been played by The Beatles and other music related exhibits.

beatles fab forever entrance 01
beatles fab forever beginning 01
beatles fab forever exhibition 06

(1) First hallway after entering the exhibition in backstage atmosphere. (2) First turn on the way to the stage with costumes, hairstyles and original guitars. (3) Entrance to the exhibition with a welcoming yellow submarin as photo spot. 

Ending the concert and the visit of „Star Club“ the visitors are crossing a moving tunnel of colors and are finding them selves on a trip together with The Beatles in their cartoony fantasy world designed after the 90 minutes movie „The Beatles Yellow Submarine“. In between the famous Apple Bonkers, The Glove and The Nowhere Man the visitors can explore the interactive games and exhibits.

beatles fab forever all you need is love

Through a turning effect tunnel the visitors are entering the fantastic "Pepperland" inspired from the "Yellow Submarine Movie" accompanied by tunes of The Beatles and the show cases matching the music and storyline of this exhibition part.

beatles fab forever exhibition 08
beatles fab forever all you need is love
beatles fab forever tunnel

Strolling further, the colourful world is fading into the grey and some pale toned colors inspired by the same movie to the tunes of „Help“ and exhibits to this era of The Beatles and exhibits to the years around that. 

Ending the exhibition the visitors are welcomed in an open space for events with a stage and a bar in typical atmosphere of the legendary Reeperbahn in Hamburg, where the Star Club was located at its time. 

beatles fab forever exhibition 07
beatles fab forever help01
beatles fab forever exhibition 09
beatles fab forever help 02
beatles fab forever exhibition 05.jpg

The lounge area after the exhibition for events or just a drink in the atmosphere of St. Pauli where the Star Club was located.

beatles fab forever exhibition.jpg

Overview of the whole exhibition from the backstage style Star Club start through the trippy Pepperland into a St. Pauli style after lounge.

beatles fab forever exhibition 03.jpg
beatles fab forever exhibition 02.jpg


Floor Plan: Mercedes Benz Hall, Europa-Park, Rust, GER

Show Cases: Circus Roncalli, GER

Images inspired from Movie:  Yellow Submarine, 1968, George Dunning

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