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string chair

A tribute to the javanese spaghetti chairs from the 70's and 80's.

In the spirit of the old pvc string chairs we all know from the 70's and 80's Dadung is a special homage on the metal and string chairs which were and still are famous on Java Island, Indonesia. 

The metal frame is welded together from two simple bended frames in a contemporary shape which is inspired by the old javanese spaghetti chairs. Front legs turn into backrest and back while the back legs turn into the armrest and back structure and back.  

In place where we can find pvc strings on the old chairs we decided to go with the more modern rope which does not just have a nicer feel to it but is also harmless in environmental aspects where pvs is not.

Another highlight of the chair are its teak wood details. For the armrest as well as the gliders and rope stoppers the chair has finely crafted details which are giving the chair a nice touch and final look.


The name "Dadung" & cooperation with the brand "Santai Furniture".

Dadung comes from the javanese word "Dhadung" which means "string" or "rope". Both chair frame and weaving strings are going back and forth we thought the name "Dadung" would be a good sounding name where the back and forth technique is well represented in the sound da-dung-da-dung. 

During an exhibition in Jakarta the contact with Santai builded up and we figured out that we share the same passion about Indonesian furniture which is already represented in all of the collections of Santai Furniture. Since I already started to develop a simple outdoor chair inspired by old javanese metal chairs the contact with Santai came to the right time in the right place. Santai already had the idea to start an outdoor collection as well so we started to cooperate which gave the chair its final way, shape and details.

Dadung Weaving
Dadung 1
Dadung 2
Dadung 3
Dadung Weaving 2
Dadung 4

Santai Furniture

Furniture from the center of arts and culture - Yogyakarta.

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Santai furniture unites puristic design with the heritage of java. each of our furniture pieces is inspired by elements of javanese culture and transports a part of local lifestyle to the urban living. Our portfolio hereby mainly consists of lounge, dining and office furniture. we treasure the sustainable origin and great quality of materials and emphasize highest precision in our carpentry. our specialization lies in solid wood and bamboo furniture, with a wide range of customization options, both for the exquisite private home as well as hospitality and office projects. for the refinement of our furniture pieces, we apply long grown manual skills of experienced craftsmen from central-java – such as wood carving and rattan weaving. the preservation and revitalization of traditional skills, local lifestyle and at a higher scope, javanese culture, lies at the heart of our company

Status: Chair available on Santai Furniture.


© Robin Hapelt, SCHOENEHEILEWELT Designstudio 2020,

& Santai Furniture Jogjakarta.

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