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A cross branded cafe with acoustic concept.

Besides our design for the interactive chocolate store, a cafe was the second part of the gastronomical concept planned for the Europa-Parks new area. With „Jacobs Kaffee“ as a coffee partner and also part of the „Mondelez“ group we designed a modern cafe for „Jacobs Kafee“ as well as its new capsule coffee brand „Tassimo“. 
Different from the briefing for the chocolate store the cafe is meant to be completely modern, bright and representing the brands while remaining a cafe style atmosphere. 
For the required function that the cafe might be connected to a theatre or playground, the result became a very open architecture in which it's easy to overview easily all parts of the cafe and out of it. 

artwork jacobs kaffeehaus.jpg

First conceptual mood  drawing to explain the ceiling sculpture, the graphics and materials. In the process layout and color of the cafe became very different while the concept of the sculptures and graphics remained. 


The graphical concept was first developed for room dividers and later applied to the walls als murals featuring the history of coffee and the company of Jacobs Kaffee. 


First view into the cafe after entering.

D final big.jpg

The cafes counter arranged from the forms of the companies logo.

An issue with this kind of openness is an often difficult acoustic in which customers don't like to spend their time or visit again. 
The solution here became an aesthetic ceiling sculpture made from acoustic material to absorb bad sounds in various layers. Besides its functionality, the sculpture is an eye-catching key element of the whole design and gives the whole space its uniqueness. In its shape, the sculptures are representing the steam that floats over a hot cup of coffee. And as the scent of the coffee floats through the room, so do the sculptures.

Even with a slight wind, the sculptures become a bit dynamic. Special product design on how to install and hang the sculptures are designed too. Every single element of the sculpture has the shape of the „Tassimo“ logo. 

Another eye-catching piece of the cafe is the counter which also combines the same logo element into a unique texture. 

For the seating, the cafe offers lounge seating as well as high and regular seating in various layouts and arrangements. 

View from stairs.
upper area from the stairs.
upper area from the back.
look on the counter with higher seat area.
view from entrance into the cafe.
View from the counter.
View from behind the counter.
High seating area.
The view to counter and entrance.
Cozy corner in the back of the counter.
ceiling sculptures.
tassimo overview 3.jpg

Overview of the design we did from interior to the whole architecture.

tassimo overview 2.jpg

The other graphics which were developed based on the company and the iconic coffee plant.

© Architecture, Interior and Graphics designed by
SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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