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Rosconi is not just our manufacturer but they are also responsible for the  baptism of our bestseller armchair "Baron". Together we developed and raised our Baron.

"The traditional company rosconi has been inspired by this philosophy since 1873. Specializing in products made of stainless steel, rosconi originally excelled at devising wardrobe solutions and has since evolved to become an expert in crafting furnishings and fittings for public areas. "

SHAU - Architecture and Urbanism

Our close friends for great architecture and Urbanism. With their bases in Passau (GER), Rotterdam (NL) and Bandung (IDN) we dont just share some of the same bases but also the same ideas and values of modern design and architecture and working attitude. They are our perfect partner to realize projects of any scale in Germany and in southeast Asia. 


Monsieur Sky, our friend with the right eye. We dont just share the same passion for rollercoasters and theme parks, but also for design. Beside his great work as an action photographer he also takes the perfect shots of our projects even without any briefing.


We studied product design on the same university and we won the german design award in the same year. We also both like to work with rattan and produce it in Indonesia. From our time to university to now we keep our friendship and support their stunning material revolution "karuun®". 

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