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Exploring Southeast Asia, I find muses everywhere. The more I experience its culture, the more my love grows. Millennia of tradition and crafts unique from this region are the source of my inspiration. Honouring this new        influence on life, I am creating products that capture its essence and spirit in one brand - Nuana.

Nuana is my (Robin Hapelt) contemporary interpretation of traditional Southeast Asian crafts. Nuana keeps the incomparable local crafting skills as the soul of the products.


Indonesia, the first of my destinations in Southeast Asia, is the country I want to honor in this collection, featuring traditional crafts from rattan, textiles and carvings.


Rattan Stool


Rattan Mirror

Jagong and Isun are the first two of 5 products in the Indonesia-Collection of Nuana. Both products are highly innovative and difficult in production. Jagong is a fully three dimensional bend product which is widely uncommon in the rattan industry. Isun is made by splitting the rattan and then joining it again into a form closure that is not using any screws or nails but only glue and great craftsmanship. Both products are requiring the highest level of craftsmanship that you can find among rattan crafts. This aim for innovation and perfection took me years of research and development until now in 2024 we have finally succeeeded to have a stable ongoing production of these products and a stable stock to be already able to sell these. 

By working with rattan, a flexible and natural material I fell in love with every detail of it, which means to love the natural beauty of it but as well to love its imperfection that comes with different grains and colors and even unpredictable movements in shapes. We have worked years on developing our production to a level where I can say proudly, this is the best we can do. By buying a Nuana product you will always buy the last bit of natural beauty that some people may see as imperfection. If you expect a rattan product to be on a perfection level of stainless steel then it wont satisfy you. As an owner of a rattan product we need to love and embrace the nature of it. This means living with its natural character and imperfection. We may just stop calling it imperfection but character. Because there is nothing we can do to change this.

Our final products that come out from our first batch of ready to sell productions will be launched in Designers Tower 2024 for the international furniture fair imm in Cologne, Germany.

While we are still working on marketing, catalogues and communication, our full collection is ready stock and ready to sale. We are welcome to showrooms and furniture resellers.

Jagong & Isun at Designers Tower 2024 | 12-18 January

Rufffactory - Marienstraße 71-73 - 50825 - Köln / Cologne, Germany

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