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hot springs

Made entirely from crafts and materials from the region.


Sumedang in Jawa Barat (Province of West Java) is a cultural and historical city that gets more and more into the focus to become the capital of culture for West Java. "Ibu Kota Budaya Jawa Barat". 

A key argument in this development is the existence of the oldest still standing palace of the indonesian archipelago. The palace of Sumedang - Keraton Sumedang. 

Even most royals have lost their governing function after the transition to the republic of Indonesia the royal families of kings or sultans still exist and remain in their old properties.

This Hot Spring Resort we designed was in cooperation with the royal family of Sumedang and the local government. 

The government owns the property while the royal family owns the water spring.

Our design is a fusion from modern and traditional elements within "Nusantara Design". 
We have reactivated ancient forgotten items like the royal umbrellas into this resort as well as other royal elements including fabrics and roof ornaments for reproduction to represent the culture of Sumedang. 





All materials we are using are from sources not further away than 100km from the location. We are using local Bamboo from West Java that is lesser in diameter than from other regions as well as local stone, thatched roofs made from palm leafs as well as woven furniture which are typical for West Java. 

For the fauna the approach is to embrace the tropical climate with local plants. The concept is that the guests are entering the resort accompanied by higher plants at the beginning while they become lower to the end of the resort to lead the guests vision to the rice paddy and mountain view on Mount Tampomas behind the swimming pools.


Other than most Hot Springs in Indonesia our design is playing with a zoning that creates privacy for the people. Rather than creating big areas with many people, our design creates little zones and niches where groups can be under themselves and relax in private. 

Bamboo pavilions, little hide-outs in between plants and traditional inspired gazebos as well as terraces around the resort are creating this private atmosphere while adding richness to the texture pallet of the resort. 

All of it accompanies by decorative items like the royal umbrellas, modern brass lamps and traditional stone sculptures like Ganesha. 


The central view to bamboo pavillions and pool decking.                                                                                                                                                 


In this top view the zoning becomes more visible with the center of the resort where there is the bigger bamboo pavilion with decking at the pool, the middle hide-outs as well as the open garden terraces and the traditional gazebos with private garden. 

As highlight for the children and for the families the zone near the entrance features a slide for children in the design of the traditional Naga of Sumedang.
For this 
regions mythology the Naga is special because it is a mix from a dragon and an elephant. 

A little bridge over the water canal as well as a water jet tunnel are making the family pool complete. 

A real hot springs resort to explore and relax. 


© SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

Location: Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia

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