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outdoor chair


Option 1: V-shaped legs joining at top.                                                                        Option 2: trapezoidal legs with wider opening at the top.

A new art of outdoor wicker chair. 

Kobb is an innovative and unique chair. Its top is like a basket made from ropes which are stitched together (see gallery below or banner). This basket like seat is folded around the metal frame on top and bottom of the chair to hide the metal structure and show the two elements of the chair in a well balanced contrast.

Due to the strong but flexible rope the seat is comfortable like a wicker chair even without pillow. The same idea can be applied for the backrest.


The basket is following the shape of the unseen structure in top and bottom of the seat. Because of the performance of the rope basket it can have openings, foldings and also wrappings to cover or insert the structure and achieve the look on this renderings. 

The source material basket:

This are photos of the actual source material we got into our hands. A basket made out of outdoor rope how it is produced for furniture in India and Indonesia. This basket was made by a company in India which has long experience in outdoor rope for furniture production. The performance is strong, stiff but flexible as we have tried to show on the photos below. 

The way the rope is woven combined with the stitching and the interesting bottom shape makes it functional as well as unique and good looking for a new kind of furniture. 


I am looking forward to work with you and to bring this chair into life under your brand. 

I am working with weaving and ropes since 4 years and have collected experience with the material and the crafts to understand the product.

I am open to design and develop the product together with you with your input to make it matching for your brand and product portfolio.

Robin Hapelt

© 2021, Robin Hapelt, SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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