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Store Design

An interactive chocolate store for germanys famous chocolate brand.

In a cooperation between Mondelez International and Europa-Park for the 2014 upcoming new „kids land“ this project was about to be created. Europa-Parks long term partner „Milka“ was given a special spot in the new area for a new concept store which should not just be an ordinary store.


The developed concept of the store is featuring an interactive mini factory (simulation) which is showing the the steps it needs to produce chocolate. From roasting beans to milkas legendary invention the „conche“ 

At the starting point of the little factory you can type in your name into a machine, start the manufacturing process and will get the chocolate with your own name on it at the end of it.

Beside this and the chocolate selling point the store is also featuring another interactive area with a big screen ski simulator. Not just for a random game but also to be in line with Mika’s engagement in ski sport and its alpine theme.


The view from the store part into the interactive manufactory 


Join team Milka and have fun in the Alps on the ski simulator.

To always fit the last character of Milka within the theme of Europa-Parks new area was a real challenge. For both brands it's equally important that their style is represented as authentic as possible. While for Europa-Park in this project some authentic Irish old town house and nostalgic interior was the way to go Milka is presenting the brand usually quite modern with an alpine theme.
Because a complete alpine theme would not serve the illusion of the old town Irish style the answer was found in the history of

Milka which origins are in Neuchatel, Switzerland. A romantic town at the foot of the Jura Mountains. 

The result is a Milka store with the architectural style of a old town building and a modernized  store inside. A chocolate manufactory with Milka’s cooporate design textures as well as the classic wood furniture and a modern game launch / ski simulator with a touch of ski feeling. And of course the legendary violet Milka cow is not missing.

Too bad that after all this effort the contract between the two companies was not extended and the new chocolate partner became Lindt. Not involved in the new cooperation anymore we still developed a concept on our own for the same store with Lindt Design - click here. 


First hand drawn conceptual art, colorised with photoshop. The idea of overflowing fake chocolate out of the machines was rejected to not give the impression of an unclean manufacturing process.


The end result as overview of the whole store.


Client: Mondelez int. & Europa-Park

Location: Europa-Park, Rust, GER

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