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upgrade downsize 
at "plan 12"

Exhibition design & realization for Colognes architecture biennale "Plan" in 2012. Concepts for a livable urban future.

Since two of our concepts from 2011 and 2012 were chosen to be shown in the architecture biennale 2012 in cologne we got invited to make the exhibition design and realization for the little exhibition with the title "Upgrade downsize, concepts for a livable urban future".

Us were given a small location by the organizers of the festival in the heart of the biennale in the quarter named "Ehrenfeld".

Concerning the topic of the biennale about sustainable concepts, we decided to apply this idea to our exhibition concept.
We took a well known and often used product of Germany - beer tables. After those tables were sorted out we gave them a second life by arranging them together as a crop of the part of Cologne Ehrenfeld where the exhibiting concepts were meant to take place. 

The unique style of the surface was the result of a simple sanding work  after those tables got soaked from german beer and food stains.

Even the rusty column of the building we integrated in our surface on the location of the famous HeliosTower, a lighthouse which was builded to be an icon of the local lamps factory in the 19th century. 

As well as the lighthouse the streets and the high train terrace were placed and marked with numbers you could choose on the integrated screens.

Location: Körnerstraße, Köln Ehrenfeld

Design, product developing, project management, realization

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