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Chocolate World & Education

A special store concept for Switzerlands master chocolatier.

As Lind became the new chocolate partner for Europa-Park this design was created to show how the idea of a Lindt Chocolate World could harmonise into the new Irish themed kids area of the park. 


For the adventurous part of the store would be a small chocolate manufacture with all machines simulating the process of making chocolate from the very beginning. As a highlight you could go to the starting machine and „make your own name engraved chocolate“, which then is followed by the production and actions of the machines. 

lindt store 1

The view from the store part into the interactive manufactory 

lindt store 5

Digital exhibition about sustainable cocoa farming and social engagement of Lindt in the plantation countries. 

In the middle part of the world a shop can be found with chocolate and merchandising items of lind to purchase. 


On the right side of the store the Idea is to have a digital exhibition to show the harvest of chocolate and Lindt’s engagement in sustainable cocoa farming and the investment in social structures like education and clean drinking water.

While the exterior looks like old town Irish architecture for the interior architecture leans on this old town style and brings it into a bit more Swiss looking way to represent Lindt better.

lindt store 7
lindt store 4
lindt store 3
lindt store 6
lindt store 2
lindt store 8

Overview of the store.

lindt store 9


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