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A fusion between modern and a classic illustrated park map with a hommage to my favourite park map from 1992.

The first contact with Bayern-Park went back to 2014 when the park requested for a new park map. Three years later finally a call to start with the project.

Since my first time in a theme park holding a theme park map in my hand it was a dream to draw one of those maps one day. As a theme park enthusiast and designer finally it was possible to realize all the thoughts for a park map according to my imaginations.

In a meeting in the beautiful countryside near Munich the park shared the briefing and requirements for the map. Such as creating a classic but modern park where the pathways and structures are clear. After sharing my ideas and imagination of a park map being representative and interesting with popping out elements we directly reached a common agreement with each other.

One special request was, that the park map should also show the different style of plant and trees in the place they are to be a possible orientation point of the map, beside many other small details like statues and art sculptures.

Parkplan Bayern-Park 2017 web.jpg

Click image for PDF.

The first finished park map in 2017.

Bayern Park Crop 1 .png
Bayern Park Crop 3.png

Details from the dragon to frogs and people having fun in the flume ride. Even small details like roses and other flowers are featured.

The Idea of dynamic and non-proportional attractions plopping out I kept in my heart with me since I have first seen the 1992 park map of the theme park near my hometown Cologne, with which I grew up with. The happier I was that the Bayern-Park liked the Idea the same as I did.

Bayern Park Entrance Crop.png
Bayern Park Crop Rafting.png

The entrance area with the traditional Bavarian wood house and church.  The rafting with boats and "Thaolon" are highlighted.

Bayern Park Crop 2.png
Bayern Park Crop 4.png
Bayern Park Crop 4.png
Parkplan Bayern-Park 2018 web.jpg

The park map with new attraction on the left and complete with numbers in the ready to print version.

Bayern Park Neuheit 2018.png
Bayern Park Neuheit 2017.png

The 2018 new built attraction "Bulldogfahrt" and "Hoftierrennen"                 The 2019 added new adventure playground "Räuberwald".

Bayern-Park Parkplan 2020 web.jpg

Click image for PDF.

2020 park map with the the new adventure playground and free fall tower, which will be one of the biggest in Europe.

Bayern Park Neu 2020.png
Bayern Park Neu 4.png
Bayern Park Neu 3.png
Bayern Park Neu 2020 2.png

The free fall tower is plopping out far in the park map. The gondola features a variety of people enjoying the new ride.

SCHOENEHEILEWELT, Robin Hapelt, 2017 - NOW
Location: Bayern-Park, Germany

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