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outdoor Lamp


Standing or hanging. 

Sinalo is a charismatic outdoor lamp build from rope and teak wood around a milk glass optic acrylic cylinder with battery light. The special rope knots and weaving technique are joining the elements together while giving the lamp its charismatic optic. The rope is forming a pattern around the element and has its special highlight woven on the closed part of the cylinder.  

Three curved bumps on the wood are forming the lamps feet if its used for standing. If the lamp is hanging the bumps are well integrating in the whole optic of the wood. 


I am looking forward to work with you and to bring this chair into life under your brand. 

I am working with weaving and ropes since 4 years and have collected experience with the material and the crafts to understand the product.

I am open to design and develop the product together with you with your input to make it matching for your brand and product portfolio.

Robin Hapelt

© SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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