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modern rattan chair


Organic shape form closure

I fell in love with rattan as a material during my projects in Indonesia. Creating products from rattan and working with the craftsman has its own very special charme. The satisfaction to design and create rattan products for me is incomparable to other materials. Often Rattan is seen as a material for classic designs and interiors while there is so much more potential to it. Especially today where organic shapes are in trend and natural materials are in focus rattan is the perfect material to combine both. 


I am looking forward to work with you and to bring this chair into life under your brand. 

I am working with rattan since 4 years and have collected experience with the material and the crafts to understand the product.

I am open to design and develop the product together with you with your input to make it matching for your brand and product portfolio.

Robin Hapelt

© Robin Hapelt, SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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