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Family fun in "Art Fairy" theme. 


This concept for a Fun House was created for a small fairytale park named "Fairy Garden" in Bandung, Indonesia. The park was opened as a decorative landscape park when we were ask to create some more attractions and life into the park. The storyline of the park existed already including different fairies. Beside a mystic Wood Fairy, Water Fairy, Flower Fairy the Fairy we were ask to focus on with the Fun House was the family of the Art Fairy. 

Fun Houses have always been a very popular attraction on carnivals all over the world. Since a good decade more and more theme parks have adjusted the concept of a Fun House with high quality theming and story telling such as "Hotel Tartuff" in "Phantasialand" (DE) or "Villa Fiasko" at "Toverland" (NL). 

With our version of the Art Fairy Fun House we took the spirit of the old carnival fun houses with their games and attractions and designed them according to our story and style. Beside the classic activities we have created special rooms in which the newest technologies find space to have interactive projections and games with custom designed digital technic. 

Let's have a tour through our Fun House.


Entrance Lobby for buying tickets or alternatively for a pre show.                                                                                                                                 


First room with textile lamella and light in different colors for a good instagram photo spot.                                                                                    

The lighting room is a portal road to the residence of the Art Fairy. This room is filled with white ribbon or cloth hanging above the ceiling and then will be presented with colorful lighting requests that change every 5 seconds.

Giant wheel

Those two famous elements are making the start of our Fun House parkour.  Walk through the tunnel or try staying in and make a 360 degree turn. Then squeeze yourself through the rollers to enter the next room. For visitors which dont want to join some elements, there is a side path to skip.

Turning Tunnel and Squeezy Rollers.

Painting room
magic corridor

Hanging crayons, big roll crayon sharpener  and painting changing canvas as wall installation                                                                              


Hanging crayons, big roll crayon sharpener  and painting changing canvas as wall installation                                                                              

Welcome to the magical corrido. The first area has paintings with images and buttons that appear on the surface. If pushed it  will emit light, sound, wind, or water from the painting. The second area is has moving stairs and leads to the next rooms.

portal room

The "Portak Room" is used by the Art Fairies to explore different dimensions and inspirations for their art.                                                         

color room

Color Room with light effect cloud ceiling and  moving floor. Press the button at the end to activate a bursting wind effect.                              

First floor overview. Click on the icons to see where the room located. 


Layout overview 1


This are the Art Fairy characters and color guide which was provided to us from the Park. Provided with the illustration we also received a discribtion of the characters and their background on which we created the storyline for the Fun House.

magic storage

Second Floor.

The second floor is starting with a big upside down turning tunnel decorated as a art storage room which is constantly rotating.

After the tunnel still feeling a bit vertigo the visitors can see themselves with funny body proportions in an arrangement of funny mirrors.

funny mirror

Magic Storage & Funny Mirror

Upside down storage and funny mirrors.

fairy kitchen

 After crossing a room with the theme of a fairy kitchen the visitors will find a slide to continue their trip through the Fun House.                    


Second Floor Overview. Click on the icons to see the location of the rooms.

mirror maze

Layout overview 2

puzzle room

Of course, a mirror maze cant be missing in a Fun House. This one here in the same style of the previous room wall elements.                        


After passing the mirror maze we have planned a big interactive projection room with theme matching projections which are filling a bigger room. The visitors can fully immerse into the projections and interact with it thanks to the newest technologies of sensor technic.  Once passing that there will be a family play room with classic games like big puzzles in the theme of the Fun House. This part can be entered as well from the people which do not want to spend a trip through the Fun House.

You like our Fun House concept? Get in touch with us.

If you want this Fun House in your location we are open for a cooperation. As well we are open to create a Fun House in any other design or layout. If you have your own design concept or designer, no problem. We can adapt any design and plan a Fun House according to your wishes. 

With our team and network in Europa and Asia we are able to realize any concept from Idea, planning, detailed drawings to execution. 

© SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio 2019

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