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concept bench


Together just as you like.

Oyu is a concept bench to arrange it as you like it. With its modular shape Oyu can be arranged matching to its needs and environment to bring people together. Its simple but sculptural shapes are adding an interesting touch to their environment without being too expressive. The base is made from powder coated stainless or aluminium while the idea for the backrest was to be more flexible and modular. In this we though of the backrest to be in synthetic wicker or rope. This way the backrest could be arrangeable for different functions and having an added texture.  

I am looking forward to work with you and to bring this bench into life under your brand. 

I am working with weaving and ropes since 4 years and have collected experience with the material and the crafts to understand the product. 

I am open to design and develop the product together with you with your input to make it matching for your brand and product portfolio.

Robin Hapelt

© Robin Hapelt 2021, SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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