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Nuana soft launch on

October 11 in Jakarta.

Originally we planned to launch our brand much later with the full collection finished.

Then we got invited to be a part of the grand opening of this event in Indonesia, the country where our first collection comes from and got inspired from.

Honored of this possibility we could not say no and pushed everything forward - and here we are...

Nuana, October 11 2018. We are ready and will preview two pieces of our 5 pieces collection.

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Exploring Southeast Asia, I find muses everywhere. The more I experience its culture, the more my love grows. Millennia of tradition and crafts unique from this region are the source of my inspiration.
Honouring this new influence on life, I am creating products that capture its essence and spirit in one brand… Nuana.

A word creation from the word „new“ taken from Sanskrit as the root of Southeast Asian languages representing the root of my inspiration and the play between old and new.


Nuana is my contemporary interpretation of traditional Southeast Asian crafts. Nuana keeps the incomparable local crafting skills as the soul of the products.


Indonesia, the first of my destinations in Southeast Asia, is the country I want to honor in my first collection, featuring traditional crafts from rattan, textiles and carvings.


Jagong and Isun - a stool and mirror representing the special craft of rattan. Kalangkang - a lampshade made from experimental textiles representing the creativity of Sundanese crafts. Cahya - a lamp composition representing the fine handiness of knotting from Yogyakarta. And Tapel - a decorative object in the spirit of Bali.


This stool is the first rattan product of this collection.

Due to its unique three dimensional bending, the stool becomes very stable while using rattan with just a small diameter of 2,2-2,4cm.


Jagong means „sitting“ in the language of Cirebon - the rattan capital  of Indonesia.


38cm x 38cm x 45cm.


The design of this mirror is simply defined through its form closure and the idea of finding a new way for a connection away from traditional wickers.


Isun means „myself“ in the language of Cirebon - the rattan capital  of Indonesia.

56cm x 56cm x 3cm.

This is a temporary website. The real one is coming soon.

Instagram: nuana_original   ID Contact & WA: +62 838 22 93 91 34     ID Adress: Jl Cukang Kawung 35, 40191 Bandung  

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