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Frankfurt GER.

International house-music acts every month.

In 2011 the mostly mainstream playing Pulse Club in Frankfurt am Main in Germany decided to host a house party with international acts. 

Back in 2011 Pulse Club was the famous night club for gays and friends in germanys financial metropolis. 

Beside the local resident DJs bookings every "Together" event was presenting an international acknowledged DJ mostly within the gay community such as Nacho Chapado and Oliver M but as well other trending DJs from the time like Lissat and Voltaxx.

From the first to the last event we have been in charge for the design.
Every month we displayed the DJ himself on the flyer with elements and buildings of their hometowns in the back. 

Poster December 2010
Poster January 2011
Poster March 2011
Poster May 2011
Flyer Front A5 May
Flyer Back A5 May
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