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Temu - contemporary glass table with wood leg option

Temu combines contemporary design and shapes in a unique couch or side table. The glass top which can be normal glass or colored glass depending on the other colors is held by a bowl body shape and wooden legs. In this table I tried three options. One where the legs are holding the bowl but as well continuing to the top of the table. This gives the table a more interesting look and adds some texture to the inside of the bowl.

The other version is more minimal with the legs on the outer bowl only possible with a flat edge or a shape.

The table adds character to the room without being too expressive. With its shape and character Temu integrates well in various interiors.  


I am looking forward to work with you and to bring this table into life under your brand. 

I am open to design and develop the product together with you with your input to make it matching for your brand and product portfolio.

Robin Hapelt

© SchoeneHeileWelt Designstudio

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