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Pasarbella Suntec city 


PasarBella is the embodiment of its namesake, which is derived from the local Singapore-Malay term for ‘Market’, and the Italian term ‘beautiful’.

This family-oriented market retreat has always been a passion project from the start, and will continue to stay true to its goal of being a warm, community-based, open-concept market.

As a premium grocery shopping destination, PasarBella stocks a wide range of both local and international brands that provide top quality products that are extremely niche and exotic in nature. With over 30 stores to visit and explore, families are in for a real treat!

For this new Hot Spot in Singapore we became part of the concept and designed the PasarBella Food Guide.

Map & broChure

Pasarbella - Main - Poster
Pasarbella - Map - 1
Pasarbella - Map - 2
Pasarbella - Map - 4
Pasarbella - Map - 3

Food guide

Pasarbella - Food Guide - 4
Pasarbella - Food Guide
Pasarbella - Food Guide - 2
Pasarbella - Food Guide - 3
Pasarbella - Food Guide - 1


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