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Out for space

custom made

furniture textiles

Coorporate Identity in every fiber.

the ‘kc collection’ from "out for space" is the fruit of their efforts, which was created using ‘karuun’, the studio’s recently patented material. the structure of rattan is unique, like a series of long tubes that run from the roots all the way along the trunk. it’s highly porous, and for the most part unable to support itself — especially when it reaches lengths upwards of 160 meters! out for space’s technology takes advantage of its natural properties, which involves injecting the capillaries with various bulking agents.


With their material "Karuun" and furniture project "out for space" the ambitions are not just to create unique furniture with a revolutionary material, but also to take their corporate identity of colors into every fiber. With this ambition "out for space" requested us to manage a small scale textile production of 150 meters textile in 4 different colors which needs to match the colors of the corporate design of "out for space" and needs to be organic and environmental friendly.
As they already managed to fit the colors of the furniture stain perfectly to their corporate design of web and print we had to manage the same with their textiles. A tricky task to manage because with the small amount of 150meter textiles; 100m grey the possibilities of a full industrial production and dyeing are limited. We found the solution in traditional dyeing techniques Indonesians are using for centuries for their famous batik clothing.

150m middle grey / 15m red / 15m mint green / 15 pastel yellow

- matching colors to the corporate design colors of the brand

- 100% organic material
- 100% environmental friendly and organic dye

- 8 weeks 

- 100% have to be made in Indonesia

- min. 25.000 martindale

100% natural

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