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1000 years  


1000 years anniversary festival.

Back in the 19th century with newly build infrastructure and a new cogwheel railway in 1895 the city became famous among tourists from all over the world. With the Rhine on the one side and palaces and castles the other side in the mountains the mass tourism made reached its peak in the decades around 1900. Until today you can still find the old charme of "rhine-tourism" on many places like the still existing cogwheel railway and the old castle "Drachenfels". Even most of the old art nouveau buildings were destroyed in WWII Königswinter became a famous weekend destination due to the close by located capital Bonn (1945-1990). 

In 2015 we were asked to design the official poster for the 1000 years anniversary of the city "1000 Jahre Königswinter". As a born Rhinelaender I felt honored to take such a job and we designed the Poster inspired by the romantic old post card motives of the city. As a motive we picked of course the famous scenery of Rhine with the Mountains and the famous castle "Drachenfels" in the background.

Old postcard from Königswinter

the poster

With international street-food, live music and classic attractions the market square and the Rhine promenade was packed the whole weekend.

Entrance banner to the festivals areas.

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