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(SGCF) 2017

The inaugural Singapore Cocktail Festival promises to be Asia's largest celebration of cocktails; an immersive experience that will excite the palates of the uninitiated and aficionados alike. With a smorgasbord of activities to Taste, Learn and Play, you will get to appreciate and interact with a truly international line-up of mixologists. Welcome to the ultimate sojourn into the immersive and imaginative world of cocktails, in the festival village and around the city.

In the Masterclass special, SECRETS BEHIND THE BAR, the charming and dapper Din Hassan will reveal some of his bartending tricks and flicks in the form of building a Mojito, stirring an Old Fashioned well, and shaking a Margarita right. The class doesn’t end there as Din will be imparting the know-hows of understanding the various herbs and spices that define cocktail flavours. As an interesting twist to the class, Din Hassan will also share the art of reusing recycled materials to reinvent cocktails and concoctions in the most unique and sophisticated ways. Local veteran mixologist, Din Hassan, takes the reins of concocting inventive, Asian-inspired cocktails at CÉ LA VI’s SkyBar and Club Lounge. Having worked in a myriad of award-winning bars and restaurants, Din is an experimenter by nature and a renowned figure in Singapore’s cocktail scene. He conceptualises cocktails that deliver a multi-sensory experience; engaging the senses visually and texturally, with a focus on a seamless harmony of flavours.

SGCF: Poster Design
SGCF: Flyer Design
SGCF: Collectible Cards
SGCF: Collectible Cards


(psychedelic series)

One of the seasonal creative direction for CÉ LA VI's Club Lounge advertising campaign follows a psychedelic theme based on a mash up of 80s futurism, 'Neo Tokyo'and elements of Asian Pop Culture. This experimental art style resulted in colourful yet bold graphic art, displaying vivid illustrative graphics and oriental elements, expressed from various cultural forms and shapes.

V13 Series - feat. Bass Jackers
V13 Series - feat. Bass Jackers
V13 Series - feat. Bass Jackers
Sky High feat. Gio Garcia
Flyer Design
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