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Cologne '15

Corporate design for Colognes unusual Christmas-Market.

The "Christmas Avenue Cologne" in the heart of the city is for sure Colognes most unusual Christmas-Market. Founded in 2012 as "Colognes Gay/Lesbian Christmas-Market" it became an institution in between the many big and traditional Markets. From the first year on the presentation of the market was shrill, colorful and very unusual. Instead of classic candle lights and usual Christmas accessories they were selling underpants, glitter balls in sexy body shapes, and phallus shaped chocolate.

The main focus of the Christmas-Market was and still is their daily stage events with famous artists and their special gastronomic creations which are packing the market full of people almost every night.

In their second year they requested us to manage their corporate design, which we are doing till now.

poster 2015

Pixel by pixel.

The posters were meant to show a different little scene and story  every year. In our first year we started from a bird eye kind of view of the market while in our second year we showed an inside the market view with its in glitter foil wrapped houses. Since the organisers of the market liked the second year poster so much, they decided to stick with that and just wanted to do some little changes, while still developing the other print products in another direction.

The poster is a mix between hand drawings, real textures and collage which made up a photoshop file with up to 1000 layers in the end. Any element which is seen in the picture came in as a single element and was joined together to create a house, a tree or just the table top of the booth. 


The most charismatic element of the market translated into graphic as abstraction.

From the first second the identification and recognition factor of this Christmas market was the glitter foil in which they wrap their booth and stands. We decided to take this element and bring in in an abstract form to create the corporate design for the markets products except the poster.

A special product in 2015 was the "Christmas Avenue" mulled wine which was sold in supermarkets all over the region. 


Detailed Information

& Programm

Not just the market itself the organisers wanted to be special, also the presentation of their homepage.

After analyzing that most homepages of Christmas markets dont offer a wide range of information and possibilities we created a homepage where you could find any information about the markets from exhibitors of products, the variety of food or where to park your car or go off the train. The highlight was an interactive voting platform for "Mister Avenue" and the stage schedule with videos of the artists.


Customer: Lekkermann UG

Scale: Poster, Flyer, Homepage, Social Media & over 15 other print and advertising products.

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